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Comme Des Garcons

In fashion, few brands are as iconic as Comme des Garcons. The brand has been at the forefront of avant-garde fashion, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with clothing design. Comme Des Garcons has become increasingly popular with mainstream audiences in recent years, partly thanks to its signature deconstructed style. The brand’s garments often feature asymmetrical cuts and unfinished details, giving them a uniquely avant-garde look. And while Comme des Garcons garments can be pricey, they are also built to last, meaning you’ll get plenty of wear. is a good choice if you’re looking for a forward-thinking fashion brand that doesn’t mind taking chances.

History of Comme Des Garcons Brand

Comme des Garçons is a high-end fashion label founded in Japan in 1969 by Rei Kawakubo. The brand is well-known for its avant-garde, frequently minimalistic designs. Since its inception, Comme des Garçons has been at the forefront of pushing boundaries in the fashion world. In 1981, the brand caused a stir when Rei Kawakubo showed a collection of all-black clothing at Paris Fashion Week. She debuted her first collection the following year of “lumps and bumps” clothing, which featured padded and distorted silhouettes. These bold and experimental designs established Comme des Garçons as a leader in avant-garde fashion. Today, the brand is revered by fashion insiders and considered one of the most innovative labels in the industry. Comme des Garcons continues to be at the forefront of fashion, constantly pushing the envelope and redefining what is possible, even though it has been around for nearly 50 years.

Comme Des Garcons Hoodies

The name Comme des Garçons is French for “like boys” or “as if boys,” which is very fitting since the fashion house was founded by Rei Kawakubo, a Japanese designer who has always pushed boundaries and defied expectations. In the brand’s early days, Kawakubo intentionally made oversized and frumpy clothes, bucking the trends of the time. She has continued experimenting with her designs over the years, but one thing that has remained constant is her use of iconic graphics and bold colors. Comme des Garçons hoodies are trendy because of their striking designs and loose fit. Whether you want a piece that makes a statement or a cozy everyday layer, a GDH hoodie will make a lasting impression.

Comme Des Garcons Shirts

There’s something about a t-shirt that screams cool. Regardless of the reason, t-shirts have long been fashion staples. The brand’s t-shirts are no exception, with each one featuring a unique design that is sure to turn heads. T-shirts are a staple in any fashion-savvy wardrobe. They can be dressed up or down, and they come in a variety of colors and styles. Comme des Garcons t-shirts are the best option for those who want to make a bold fashion statement.

CDG shirts are known for their unique designs, often featuring bold graphics or unexpected details. Whether you choose a classic black t-shirt with a subtle logo or a brightly colored tee with an eye-catching print, Comme des Garcons shirts will help you stand out from the crowd.

Comme Des Garcons Sweatshirts

Though often overlooked, sweatshirts are one of the most versatile and comfortable items in any wardrobe. A sweatshirt is ideal for dressing up for a casual day out or layering for warmth on a chilly evening. For a truly unique and stylish look, go for a Comme des Garcons sweatshirt. With their distinctive designs and high-quality construction, these sweatshirts will turn heads wherever you go. So next time you’re looking for a piece that combines comfort with style, reach for a CDG sweatshirt. You won’t be disappointed.

Why choose

There are many reasons to choose as your go-to source for streetwear fashion. First and foremost, we offer a curated selection of the best brands in the business, so you can be sure you’re always fashionable. We also provide a convenient online shopping experience, with fast and free shipping on all orders over $100. Our fashion experts are always available to help you find the perfect piece or help you put together a complete look. Therefore, the best place to begin is whether you’re looking for the latest trends or want to update your style.

Our Customs Service

Providing custom services is vital to what we do here at comme des garcons. We want to ensure that every one of our clients feels like they are a part of our family. We offer extensive customized services to meet each customer’s needs. From free consultations to help choose exemplary service to payment plans that make it easy to budget for your customer service, we are here to help you every step. And, of course, our world-class team of stylists will ensure that you love your new look. We are happy to help you choose a style that best reflects your individuality.


What does Comme des Garçons mean?

Comme des Garçons is a French phrase that means “like boys.” Designer Rei Kawakubo founded the brand in 1969, known for its avant-garde, deconstructed designs.

When did Comme des Garçons become so popular?

Comme des Garçons became popular in the 1980s when the punk and new wave movements embraced its deconstructed designs. The brand has continued to be a favorite among fashion insiders and trendsetters in the decades since.

When was Comme des Garçons’ first fashion show?

Comme des Garçons’ first fashion show was held in Paris in 1971. The brand has been showing its collections in Paris ever since.

What is Comme des Garçons’ signature style?

Comme des Garçons is known for its avant-garde, deconstructed designs. The brand often uses unconventional materials and silhouettes to create its unique pieces.

What are some of Comme des Garçons’ most favorite designs?

Some of Comme des Garçons’ most famous designs include the “lumps and bumps” collection from 1982, which featured garments made from padded fabric; the “airbag” dress from 1997, which was inspired by car safety devices; and the “paperclip” dress from 2000, which was made from connected metal paperclips.

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